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Rush To Close

As your transaction coordinator, our role is to know the real estate transaction process inside and out. In today's market, transaction coordinators are an essential part of every real estate transaction must fully understand the different tasks involved in the real estate transaction process. At Rush To Close Transaction Coordinating, our goal is to handle every detail for you like a pro, making your lives and business easier by delivering stellar service that lands you repeat clients.

At Rush To Close We are committed to


Handling ALL documents


Communicating To All Parties Throughout The Real Estate Transaction Process


Meet ALL Deadlines


Ordering Home Warranties, Inspections, Termite Bonds, Appraisals, and and required repairs

Help Close Out The Real Estate Transaction Process

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Returning Clients

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today to start making your transactions smoother and allow us to RUSH TO CLOSE your contracts!


Terri Rush is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and a graduate of Miles College.  She is currently enrolled in Birmingham School of Law and will pursue her career in real estate law. Terri is very professional, articulate, a master organizer, and manages time wonderfully.  She has conquered time management and will excel as your transaction coordinator.

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